Umtentweni Bowling Club


What to wear on the green

To show that we are responsible and proud of our club and distric, the Umtentweni Bowling Club kindly requests visitors and members to comply with the following dress code:

Lady bowler dressed in the club's gold and green colours

Both genders may wear

  • Flat soled shoes of any colour (white, black or brown is preferred).
  • White, cream or club colours may be worn.
  • Tailored, knee-length shorts (boxer or cargo type are not allowed) may be worn with long or short plain white socks.
  • Head gear should be white or club colours.
  • White or green (club colour) jerseys may be worn: visitors may wear their club colours.
  • Tee, polar or crew neck shirts are not permissible.


  • Shirts, blouses and dresses must have collars.
  • Dresses must be a decent length (not too short please).
  • Open sandals with backs are permitted.
  • No need to wear socks.


  • Short socks should be worn with short pants.


  • When marking a game, club dress will be applicable.

Club Competitions

  • When taking part in club competitions the club dress code will be applicable (even when played on non-club playing days).

KBA Regulations

  • Both genders in a team must be similarly dressed (Skips please ensure your players comply).
  • Men wear tailored white or club coloured trousers or shorts with white socks).

Our Generous Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support. Please support them like they have supported our club.

National Lotteries Commission
3rd Avenue Pub & Restaurant
WeaverWorx Website Designers
Wimpy Oribi Plaza
Green Chilli Restaurant & Take Away
Panarottis Shelly Beach
Trinity Unisex Hair, Nail & Beauty Salon
Mugg & Bean
Harbourview Superspar
Above All Funeral Services
South Coast Herald
Ocean Basket Shelly Beach
Warwick Financial Maturity
Status Panelbeaters

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